Welcome back to the Byrds! Last time the Byrds got settled into Moonlight Falls, Beth turned into a vampire, and the family won't stay out of the pool or the kitchen. Marvin Suggs was made real, and the attempt to have a wedding for Budgie and Kermit ended in disaster.

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Welcome back to the Byrds! Last time the Pick Porkers destroyed Volcano Cove by releasing a hazardous toxin into the water system. When Chick and Camilla tried to fix it, they only made it worse forcing the Byrds to relocate to Moonlight Falls. Bittern and Beth celebrated the move by getting hitched, Crane aged into a child, and most importantly, BJ met his lifetime wish. Finally.

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Welcome back to the Byrds! Last time we learned that the Pick Porkers are up to no good, that BJ is taking forever to complete his lifetime wish, and that Chickadee is starting to ask uncomfortable questions. Buzz has taken to following his wife around town, and possibly eating his children, while Geobe has indoctrinated Bittern into the way of the vampire slayer.

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Welcome to another round of Meet the Authors. Today, we are graced with the presence of fanfiction writer Grandlarseny, creator of prose for a wide-range of fandoms including Gundam Wing, Ranma 1/2, Inuyasha, Trigun, Narato, and Bleach. Read on to uncover which characters this feminist loves to tinker with, and why she writes fanfiction. You might even discover new authors to read as she spills the beans on her personal fanfiction heroes.

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