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Title: I'll Have Lemonade, Please
Series: Inuyasha
Rating: Thai Hot
Description: Inu Yasha is a successful private investigator in modern day L.A. All the 'tude and the Armani to match. He's called in to solve a murder and must work with the L.A.P.D., Detective Higurashi, to be precise. Shippou is her right hand fox. Sango is her best friend, and engaged to Miroku, Yash's best friend. Yash wants Kagome to be his mate, and takes matters into his own hands to persuade her. Will he survive her wrath to solve the murder?

Title: Wing Warrior
Series: Gundam Wing
Rating: Thai Hot
Description: They had no past. The future was only a dream. All they had was the here and now. And each other. But what more do any of us have? A brief respite from a prolonged and nasty war for a warrior and the girl who loves him.

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