This week, I am posting the Lucent Dusk interview with fanfiction Avoria. Read on to discover her preferred genre, her favorite books, and her favorite fanfic authors. Avoria also explains why, when she says Write Or Die she really means it!

Penname: Avoria

  • How long have you been writing?

    Fiction? I can first remember writing something down at the age of seven. I first started taking it seriously at ten. I've been writing fanfiction since I was fifteen. So, in my eyes, a long time.

  • What first got you interested in writing fanfiction?

    The idea that I could actually put my writing to something useful! I'd always loved writing, but I'd never really found the time or means to construct something original. I first heard about fanfiction from internet friends I'd met off the neopets site several years ago. Curious, I checked it out, and more or less fell in love. Writing Who fanfiction happened because the show gave me too much to say and it just burst out of me. I just -had- to write. That still stands to this day, though I must admit I have moved more onto my own original work since then.

  • Are there any fanfic authors that have influenced your own writing? If so, who are they and what do they write?

    All I can really say to that one would be my good friend, Rach, known as hippiebanana132 and Luna Lovegood5. She was one of the first people I remember adamantly reviewing my fics and I loved hers too. Even from our review exchanging it was clear we got on well and each had a good sense of the other's writing. I've always loved her work; I've aspired to it a lot, I think, but over the past few years I have also found my own style. We became betas for each other and then good friends, which we still are. If you've yet to read her work, please do. It's ... it's quite something.

  • What are your favorite shows to write fiction for? What about these shows lend themselves to the creative exercise of fanfiction?

    DOCTOR WHO. I've dabbled in a couple of other fandoms, but Doctor Who was where I was most focused. It mixed everything I love about genre: unresolved romance meets sci fi. I love the sci fi genre and would one day like to write for it seriously. I also love romance. And time travel, made so easy in this show, is a perfect device for writers: you can send the characters you love to pretty much -anywhere- in your imagination and have it be validate by canon. Do you have any idea how awesome that is? It's not wonder I fell for this show: it's very flexible for those that write for it.

  • Which of your stories is your personal favorite? Why?

    Oh, god. Tough question. Partly because I can't remember half of them and partly because I have such varying opinions about my work that it's hard to pick just one. In terms of my writing ability, I like anything I've written more recently because it's felt, well, better. To be honest, my personal favourites are things I am still working on and have yet to publish online. But to me, they involve exploring everything I love about the Doctor Who dynamic, from its characters to its plot. They're also a hell of a lot of fun to write.

  • Who is your all time favorite character to write for? Why?

    The Doctor. He's just so complex. He's both the hero and the villain. He's God and your average Joe. He possesses within him all that is dark in the world as well as all that is light, that fights against that. For an alien, he's just so -human-. I love the icon that the Doctor represents and exploring that inn writing is just a wonderful opportunity.

  • It is an old adage that the best writers are also readers. What types of books do you read, and who are some of your favorite authors?

    True as this is, I haven't actually been an astute reader for many years. I stopped reading fanfiction a long time ago and I spend more time on my university reading than 'real books'. That said, there are some that will always be my favourite. Fire Bringer, because its prose and style is exactly the way I wish I could write. The Time Traveler's Wife, because those characters are so real and three-dimensional that I wish they were mine. Of Bees and Mist, because it's the love story I've always wanted to tell. Look these books up, folks - you won't be disappointed.

  • Have you tried your hand at original fiction? Do you have any aspirations with regards to original fiction?

    Heh, as mentioned above, I have moved away from fanfiction now and into my own work. The years I spent writing fic allowed me to broaden my mind and really get a grasp on my own style, as well as how I really want to tell a story. But the time has come for me to actually -tell- some stories of my own and I'm enjoying it a lot. I hope, one day, that I might be published. But being a novellist isn't something I'm looking to become as a career. It's more a hobby that I hope might net me a few pounds.

  • If you have written original fiction, is there anywhere we can go to read it?

    My current work in progress is available at Authonomy. If I write anything else I shall probably add it to that site. I also have a livejournal community (for those of you who don't want to join a new site just to follow my work), which is called Wastepaperbin.

  • How do you conquer the problem of writer's block?

    Write or Die. No, seriously. It's a tool I've only discovered recently but if you google write or die, you will see what I mean. it helps procastinating authors not-procrastinate and it's pretty useful. Using it, I can usually write up to 500 words every ten minutes or so. No, it's not the greatest, but that's what the editing process is for afterwards. Before that site, usually I found writer's block happened because I had got out of the habit of writing and going back was always such a struggle. So I used to have to force myself to sit down and just write something. Even if it was "Hello, my name is ______ I'm trying to write something but it's not going very well". Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. But generally, if you're not inspired, do try to keep writing, even if it's pants. You can always come back to it when you -do- have inspiration and turn it into something your proud of. In the meantime, the ideas will be safe.

  • Have you discovered any tips or tricks that help with your writing that you would like to share with our readers?

    Remember this: all writers work in different ways and, if you're managing to write, your way isn't wrong. Remind yourself that your words mean something, that what you have to say is important and worth reading. No one else can tell your story the way you do. Your writing has -worth-. Don't ever let anyone else make you feel otherwise.

  • If you could meet any one person from history or fiction, who would it be and why?

    Judging my fandom, I think the obvious question would have to be the Doctor. No, really, it's still true :P

  • Which has the greatest coolest factor - Ninjas, pirates, or zombies? Why?

    I hate this question. I'm always torn between ninjas and pirates. Ninjas are uber and ninja-y, yet pirates have that whole... well, pirate thing going on. Plus, you know Captain Jack Sparrow. So probably pirates, because they know how to have a good time ;)

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