Today on Meet the Authors Hoshi-ni-Onegai, writer of Inuyasha and Rurouni Kenshin fanfiction, is in the hotseat. Read further to learn of her penchant for mystery and tragedy, why Kamiya Kaoru may have been living in the wrong era, and how the best advice to any author can be summed up in two words: Don't Stop! As an added bonus, she gives us an idea for a movie, but what she calls cheesy I have to call a really nifty idea! Many thanks to Hoshi-ni-Onegai for taking the time to answer my questions.

Penname: Hoshi-ni-onegai

  • How long have you been writing?

    Since the 4th grade when I wrote a terrible story about a little boy and her dog. Let's just say I enjoyed tragic endings from an early age and poor Max the dog suffered a deadly kitchen accident.

  • What first got you interested in writing fanfiction?

    I was looking at fanart for manga Rurouni Kenshin and somehow I stumbled on fanfiction. The rest, as they say, is history.

  • Are there any fanfic authors that have influenced your own writing? If so, who are they and what do they write?

    Broken Pieces by Linay is the reason why I got into fanfiction. It was the first story that made me realize that fanfiction could be more than a continuation and a Mary Sue story. I sometimes wonder if I would have started writing if I hadn't read "Broken Pieces."

  • What are your favorite shows to write fiction for? What about these shows lend themselves to the creative exercise of fanfiction?

    I'm a strictly Rurouni Kenshin and Inuyasha writer. I've tried my hand at Ranma 1/2 and even Buffyverse fiction, but I feel like I can't bring that much to those fandoms. Inuyasha used to be a series I was really into reading and writing, but after the huge (for me personally) Remembering You fiction I wrote that spanned 5 years, I 'm still exhausted from the series. I still read, but I don't really write for it anymore. On the other hand, Kenshin and Kaoru from Rurouni Kenshin never gets old for me. There is something about Kenshin and the fact that even in when reading the manga you never get the full story of what is going on inside the oroing head of his just keeps me interested.

  • Which of your stories is your personal favorite? Why?

    You're making me pick between my children? Just kidding. I don't have a favorite, but I do have my least favorite: Time Changes All. Every time I look back at it I cringe. It is to the brim with terrible writing, but I learned so much about narrative fiction writing from it that I can't bring my self to delete it.

  • Who is your all time favorite character to write for? Why?

    Okay, so I raved about the complexities of Himura Kenshin before, but my favorite character to write for is most definitely Kamiya Kaoru. There is something so real and vulnerable about her. She's not an airhead, a domestic goddess, or banking on her looks. She's like a modern girl in the Meiji era. Also, that girl has spunk -enough said.

  • What do you view as your strengths as a writer? Your weaknesses?

    I think my strengths are in my one-shots. I can obsess with an idea and crank it out pretty quickly. My weakness is naturally the opposite longer stories. I have these stories planned out it my head, but i just can't bring myself to actually write them out at a respectable pace. I'm also not known for my fine tooth grammar comb, but my readers have been nice enough to deal with it (and point out my errors).

  • It is an old adage that the best writers are also readers. What types of books do you read, and who are some of your favorite authors?

    My favorite authors are Oscar Wilde and Chuck Palahniuk. Neither of the authors' styles mirrors mine, but that's probably why I love them so much. But I'm not a big book reader. I am constantly reading the newspaper and articles. I was actually a journalism major in college and live and breathe journalism.

  • Have you tried your hand at original fiction? Do you have any aspirations with regards to original fiction?

    Aside from a few short pieces I wrote for college in a creative writing class, I haven't really jumped into original fiction. I'd like to write a book one day, but I'm not even sure if it would be a ficition or non-fiction piece.

  • If you have written original fiction, is there anywhere we can go to read it?

    I make it a point to keep my fanfiction life and my real life very separate. Original fiction will have my real name attached to it and I don't care to share. In a day and age when your online life and your real life collide, I'm still trying to keep the old romantic notion of anonymity. If I ever do get around to writing that book, I plan to add an easter egg in there where my fanfiction readers would able to spot who I am. But that's assuming someone would happen to have read my fanfiction and remembered a part of it and read my future not-in-the-works-yet book. That's a bit of a stretch, but I'd like to think it could happen one day.

  • How do you conquer the problem of writer's block?

    Badly. I've had one for a year and with a fulltime job and my masters program starting soon, I'm not sure if I'll ever figure it out.

  • Have you discovered any tips or tricks that help with your writing that you would like to share with our readers?

    When you're in the groove just get it all out. Don't worry about flow, dialogue, or descriptions -you can fix all that later. Also, keep a pen and notebook on your nightstand. My best ideas come to me when I'm lying on my bed drifting to sleep.

  • If you could meet any one person from history or fiction, who would it be and why?

    Sherlock Holmes. I'm fascinated by mystery and had once hoped to be a detective (instead I do investigative journalism). And I also melt at British accents.

  • Which has the greatest coolest factor - Ninjas, pirates, or zombies? Why?

    How about zombie ninja pirates. Undead stealthy sailors pillaging on the high seas. This is a cheesy movie waiting to happen.

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