Come meet Khrysalis, writer of fanfiction for Rurouni Kenshin! An avid reader of fanfiction from Gundam Wing, Rurouni Kenshin, and Lord of the Rings, she is a student of relationships. Find out what she has to say about love, friendship, family, and the ties that bind.

Penname: Khrysalis

  • How long have you been writing?

    Longer than I can think back to remember. I've always loved to write and tell stories for pleasure. But if you mean fanfiction, except for this one short story I wrote based on the video game Legend of Legaia when I was seventeen (which was almost ten years ago), I've been writing for about four years now.

  • What first got you interested in writing fanfiction?

    I just kind of read fanfiction on the internet for several years before the ever-growing desire to write some of my own got strong enough for me to overcome my shyness. My first timid attempts were met with encouragement from reviewers and other authors, and here I still write. And glad I am that I started, too, because as much as I loved to read fanfiction, I love to write it even more.

  • Are there any fanfic authors that have influenced your own writing? If so, who are they and what do they write?

    Interestingly most of the writers who dazzled me and set fire to my imagination don't even write for the same fandom that I do. There is Dyna Dee, who writes only Gundam Wing. A great deal of her stories are heavily yaoi, but some are not and I love her stories of friendship and camaraderie. Same thing for Spooks, who also writes Gundam Wing fanfiction, and has the best creepy and horror fics I've ever seen, supplemented with happy endings. Then there is Cassia and Siobhan, who together wrote the most incredible Lord of the Rings fics. Then there are the ones who do write or have written for Rurouni Kenshin as I do, such as Adamant Eve, Nekotsuki, sueb262, and Bakabokken, just a few of many writers who have cost me sleep simply because I couldn't tear myself away from their amazing work.

  • What are your favorite shows to write fiction for? What about these shows lend themselves to the creative exercise of fanfiction?

    Rurouni Kenshin would be the most obvious answer, I suppose, since up-to-date, that is the only fanfiction I have written to be published on the internet. I think RK sparks my imagination because there are characters to absolutely fall in love with, and the relationships between them, such as love, friendship, and the ties that bind in adopted family, are distinctly there, but so understated that it leaves a fanfic author free to play and explore. I'm a sucker for emotional ties and friendship stories, and also a little hurt/comfort, which usually goes hand-in-hand.

  • Which of your stories is your personal favorite? Why?

    Hard question to answer, because I'm usually the most in love with whatever I happen to be writing at the time. I think I most like my little one-shot Only Waiting because of the raw emotion and the healing and redemption involved.

  • Who is your all time favorite character to write for? Why?

    This may seem strange, but while my favorite character in Rurouni Kenshin is Kenshin himself, my favorite character to write for is Sanosuke. He also happens to be my absolute favorite for writing in first person because I enjoy the way he talks, and exploring his diamond-hard mind that is often hidden under his layers of roughness, uncouthness, calluses, and scars. I find him to be a truly beautiful person with a great and loyal heart and strength and endurance that goes far beyond the physical.

  • It is an old adage that the best writers are also readers. What types of books do you read, and who are some of your favorite authors?

    I read mostly fantasy and a little science fiction, with maybe a romance novel if it's the sort with depth and character. My favorite authors are Dennis L. McKiernan, Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman, Brian Jaques, and a brand new favorite: Patrick Rothfuss, who seems to think of human emotions the way I do.

  • Have you tried your hand at original fiction? Do you have any aspirations with regards to original fiction?

    Aye! I have every intention of not only becoming a published author someday, but a famous one as well. For fantasy mostly, but also a sci-fi novel or two as well.

  • If you have written original fiction, is there anywhere we can go to read it?

    Well, there isn't very much there now, but I do have an account in Under the same name I use for, Khrysalis. I plan to start a series there, one day when I can ever turn some of my scattered notes and thoughts into an actual story.

  • How do you conquer the problem of writer's block?

    If I'm having a little trouble considering what to write next on one project I go and spend time on another. Seems to help keep the creative juices flowing by switching around from time to time.

  • Have you discovered any tips or tricks that help with your writing that you would like to share with our readers?

    Hmm. Well, I think one of the finest discoveries I've made while writing fanfiction is how much reviews can mean to an author, particularly a well-thought out review. The encouragement and feedback are beyond price, and often an author writes more quickly and with better effort when given such grace. This I've noticed not only for myself, but other authors as well. So if you're truly enjoying what you are reading, it means a lot if you take a moment to tell the author so.

  • If you could meet any one person from history or fiction, who would it be and why?

    If I must just pick one, Tanis Half-Elven from Dragonlance. Tanis is, I think, one of the most beloved of all characters I have collected in my years of reading fantasy. His skill at fighting, the niceness and friendliness of him in spite of the harshness and unfairness he has known, his personal honor, his leadership and the way the others in the stories follow him, his loyalty and determination and passion, and I think, most of all his mistakes and follies that make him so very human...elven blood notwithstanding.

  • Which has the greatest coolest factor - Ninjas, pirates, or zombies? Why?

    I think I like pirates the most of those three choices, and I would have felt this way long before the days of Captain Jack Sparrow. I have ancestors who made a life on countryless, lawless waters, and the instinct that there had been a time, beyond the violence, maurading, pilaging, treasure-hunting, and thieving, that many men became pirates looking for a different kind of freedom than could be found on land. Well, such is my opinon anyway

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