Dr. Gregory House is grumpy, obnoxious, and completely self-involved, but there is no one more brilliant at diagnosing diseases. He loathes his patients and his friends, has made drug abuse into a veritable art form, and hands out heaping amounts of abuse to everyone with whom he comes into contact. And yet, time after time patients tolerate his vitriol in the hopes of gaining a cure. Why his friends tolerate his crap is still a mystery.


Author: Angel Leviathan
Title: Baby Blues
Rating: Medium
Description: She whirled, clutching her nightdress to her, to find House in the doorway of her bedroom.

Author: Avoria
Title: Ways and Means
Rating: Medium
Description: From working, to drinking. From saving lives, to dating. From betting, to falling into bed with his co-workers. House’s life really isn’t dull for a moment, is it?

Category: Series