Kyo Kara Maoh tells the story of Yuri Shibuya, a nerdy teenager in high school who stands up for a classmate against a gang of bullies, an act that gets him flushed. Instead of merely suffering humiliation and moisture, Yuri gets sucked down the toilet into a different world populated with humans and demons. His coloring pegs him as a demon, and before Yuri understands he is not standing in the middle of a renaissance festival, he is crowned King of the Demons! Yuri is a pacifist, and ruling a kingdom on the verge of war could be the biggest challenge of his life.


Author: Clara
Title: Give My All
Rating: Mild
Description: A harrowing encounter with an angry monster ends with an unintentional broken engagement. Revelations, advice, malevolent swamp monsters and talking dolls abound! How is Yuuri going to fix this one? 

Category: Series