Jane Austen's popular work tells the story of love, pride, and social class in 19th centure England. Mrs. Bennett is very preoccupied with status and becomes exceedingly determined to marry off her daughters to prosperous gentlemen callers. Her hopes reach a frenzied pitch when a wealthy bachelor moves nearby. Headstrong and independent Elizabeth Bennet isn't interested in procuring a husband, but when Mr. Darcy arrives in town, she meets her match, but it is quite possible that her prejudice and his pride will foil their chances for love. Meanwhile, two of her sisters deal with romances of their own in a world where the proper marriage can determine their future.


Author: Ithilwen K-Bane
Title: Admirable
Rating: Hot
Description: To be admired, one must first be seen. A moment of distraction for Darcy.

Category: Series