During the epic battle of Sekigahara, two samurai with deadly agendas fought separately from the rest of the battle. As Kyoshiro and Demon Eyes Kyo dueled, a shooting star slammed into the Earth, engulfing them both. Years later, the one who survived discovers that he harbors the spirit of his rival deep within himself -- and when that spirit awakens, the real battle is unleashed!


Author: Hitomi Brighteyes
Title: Possession
Rating: Thai Hot
Description:  Possession, it’s nine tenths of the law and when doubt arises Kyo has no qualms in taking what is his.

Author: Luna-Magic-2005
Title: That Which Feeds the Inner Flames
Rating: Medium
Description: Yuya, Yukimura, and Sasuke meet seven years after the split. Small reunions take place, and a man that Yuya thought she'd never see again reappears to take back what's his Tensions rise when he confronts opposition from an unexpected source!

Author: Hitomi Brighteyes
Title: Tricks of the Trade
Rating: Thai Hot
Description: As a bounty huntress, Yuya knows how to use her assets to get what she wants. And after a mishap has Kyo experiencing her skills first hand, he decides he no longer approves of her profession.

Category: Series