Charlie might have had his Angels, but Persia has his Hunters. Weiss Kreuz tells the story of four young (handsome) guys who arrange flowers by day and deliver harsh justice by night. Aya Fujimiya (the silent type), Ken Hidaka (the athlete), Omi Tsukiyono (the young computer expert), and Youji Koudo (the playboy) form an interesting and dynamic quartet; one that captures interest in spite of shoddy production values.


Author: Gangsta Videl
Title: DC al Coda
Rating: Medium
Description: There was a reason he acted that way, and now Ran understands. Botan left him with more than just a glimmer of hope; he left a memory.

Author: Gangsta Videl
Title: Whole Again
Rating: Mild
Description: One half of nothing just doesn't amount to anything. So what's a girl to do when she figures out that that's all her relationship with a certain guy is worth? Try and prove it wrong, that's what.

Category: Series