Undead or Alive (2007) is probably the first the first film to declare itself to be a Zombedy, a truly descriptive word for this unique movie. Cleverly mixing the wild west with the zombie genre, this movie provides plenty of laughs and gore, as well as some truly memorable kills. Starring Chris Kattan, and James Denton (and their backsides in one particularly memorable scene), this well-paced movie will give even the most hardened zombie fans a reason to laugh at horror.

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In the movie industry, mixing genres is a risky business. When it works, we get a glorious movie; when it doesn't work, the results are often too hideous for words. This movie, Undead, gets it right, and it is one of my favorite zombedies. Undead takes comedy, horror, zombies, and aliens, throws them in the blender, and comes up with a refreshing change of pace for the zombie movie.

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The Ruins gave me the runs. Seriously. I have never wanted to run out of a theater as badly as I did while suffering through this movie.

The plot is a tired one. A group of college students take their vacation in an exotic locale. On the last days of their holiday, they decide to get some local color and troop off into the rain forest to visit a set of ruins that is off the touristy beaten path. Equipped, and in some cases dressed, inappropriately for a jaunt in the untamed rain forest (have they not heard of malaria-carrying mosquitoes?), they discover much more than a picturesque pyramid built by an ancient civilization.

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