Welcome back to the Byrds, the place to be for naked chicken grease parties! Last time, Bittern got engaged to Beth de Luca and Ghost!Cole and Ghost!Brad found one another again. Crane was born, and Janna aged into an angsty adult. Performances by Tex Brousard are proving to be heralds of major events for the Byrds, and Tabitha is getting ruder with age!

When we last left the Byrds, Chickadee was just about to blow out her candles and transition into a child.

Brad: And the Handler decided to leave me and everyone else hanging.

Beth: Yeah, the Handler is a real dork. But don't you worry about that Chick - you just purse your lips and blow.

Chick: Hooray! I blew out candles! And the Handler is a dork!

A dork, am I? Well get a load of this!

Jeselyn: Why are you aiming that camera at me? Don't you know how distracting that is? And I'm driving!

Yeah, I know, but I saw that pop-up about you and had to snag a picture.

Jeselyn: In the middle of your heir transitioning? You're a nut.

I'll take nut over dork any day. But yes, I did get distracted when I heard that you and Robert Chimeree were engaged. Congrats!

And...er...here is Chickadee, our 'C' generation heir.

Chick: This picture really sucks. You shouldn't have missed my transition.

I know, and I apologize. I get distracted easily.

Interestingly enough, Crane also got an imaginary friend doll in the mail from a suspicious uncle. I decided to name him Marvin Suggs. I missed my chance last time for an IF romance because Miss Piggy didn't cooperate. Maybe I'll get my chance this time round.

Chick: You know, Mom, with all the skilling the Handler makes us do, our home kinda feels like a prison.

Janna: Sweetheart, until you've lived in Grandmama Boudreaux's basement with her wary eye always on you, you have no understanding of prison. This place is a palace compared to what I grew up with. My only complaint is that there is too much art on the walls.

Chick: Isn't Grandmama Boudreaux dead?

Janna: Yes she is, darling. And I've never been happier.

It's true. Janna didn't shed one tear over either her mother or her father.

Budgie: Kermit, I really want to go swimming, but I don't know if we should go out there right now.

Kermit: I know. I'd love a dip myself right now, but honestly the Handler couldn't motherlode me enough money to go in the backyard right now.

Cole: You know Snickerdoodle, that even dead you'd still get my vote if you decided to run for office.

Brad: I appreciate that, Cinnamon Swirl.

Brad: But since we can't get into the polls right now, how about you join me in the hot tub and let me plant my flag instead?

Cole: Oh Bradley...

Yeah, I don't think I'd want to venture into the backyard right now either.

Alba: My dearest Tabitha, you are still the sunshine of my day.

Tabitha: That's sweet, Alba - even if it is technically impossible. We could only harness the sun with the help of the aliens from Borax, and they would only agree to help us if we promised to carry their pods...

Alba: Oh shut up, woman, and kiss me already!

Beth: Do you see what I see, Bittern?

Bittern: I do, indeed. It is kinda hard to miss what with them making those loud smoochie noises and all.

Beth: Do you think that will be us one day?

Bittern: No, my dear. We will be much better - mainly because you won't be chasing my dead Grandpa.

Chick: Camilla! I've sung a hundred songs to you and played with you for hours. Won't you please transform?

Camilla: I'm trying Chickadee, but some kind of evil magic is trying to thwart me.

Miss Piggy: Ha! I knew my magic was stronger!

Camilla: We'll just see about that. Bring it on, Pig!

Janna: I know you are about to transition into an adult, Honeybun, but I want you to know that you don't have to worry.

BJ: I don't?

Janna: Nope. I've got the plastic surgeon on speed dial! We'll take care of those sagging jowls in no time.

BJ: I'm not worried, Apple Crumble. There is nothing to be worried about. Aging is simply a natural progression of any sim's life, and is something to be embraced, not feared.

BJ: Now watch me and you'll see that it'll be alright.

Chick: What's Mom going on about, Grandma?

Tabitha: I have no idea, Chickie. And who cares? We're going to get some cake!

Kermit: Hooray BJ!

Chick: Dude, watch where you swinging that noise maker. You nearly hit me in the head.

BJ: See Janna? I'm still perfect in every way. Nothing to fear. I'll even prove it to you. *Pulls down his pants*

Janna: I see what you mean, darling, but we all know that men age more gracefully than us women.

Budgie: Are you seeing this Bittern? Kinda gives new meaning to phrase "worm on a hook", doesn't it?

Bittern: I see it. He looks a little bigger than me.

Budgie: If you pull down your pants to compare, I am so out of here.

And speaking of worms, everyone say hello to Dodge Secksie. He thought it would be a good idea to go skinny dipping...

...in a pool with clear sides.

Dodge: There ain't nothin' better than feelin' cool water in all the right places.

Minion Proprietor: Anyone have some eye bleach?

No, but if you find some, you might want to share it with one simself in particular.

Sim!Starla: Please tell me that Story Progression is wrong.

Nope. Story Progression was created by the Simgod Twallan, and it is never wrong. Which means you are going to need eye bleach by the gallons since you are now engaged to Dodge Secksie.

Starla: Help me!

BJ: Surveillance report on Dodge Secksie: After observing him for several days I have come to the conclusion that his propensity for skinny dipping should be considered a public menace. Thus far, I have seen him in the nude in a public park, a public pool, and a public club. It is the recommendation of BlueJay, Private Eye, that he be arrested with all due haste...and forced to wear clothes in jail.

And while BJ is out saving the public decency, Chick is focused on something else entirely.

Chick: There has to be something here I can use to help Camilla. Uncle Buzz says that science can fix anything.

Chick: Don't you worry, Camilla. We won't let Miss Piggy win!

Kermit: Hey Chick, I thought you were too busy for anything but trying to help Camilla.

Chick: I talked it over with Camilla, and she agrees. There is always time for cake.

Tabitha: Are you sure I have to help Crane transition? Can't we just have cake now?


Tabitha: Alright then. Abracadabra and Peace and Chicken Grease!

Crane: *giggles* I'm cute!

That is an understatement.

Budgie: Ok guys, it's my turn. Are you ready?

Tabitha: If it means we get more cake, then we are more than ready.

Budgie: Hmmm, what should I wish for?

Bittern: We've got plenty of money. How about wishing for fame?

Budgie: Sounds good!

Budgie added shy to her trait panel of good, grumpy, photographer's eye, and dramatic. Her lifetime wish is to be a Superstar Actress, which seems to be a silly desire for a shy sim. But hey, who am I to argue with EAxis?

Tabitha: Pfft. Would have been better if she had just wished for wealth.

Only one more birthday to go for this chapter's birthday spam.

Kermit: Is it finally my turn?

Bittern: You betcha! Hooray Kermit!

Bittern: Think really hard about your wish, dude. It can totally stick with you for the rest of your life.

Kermit: You're right. I need to think about this carefully.

Kermit: I've got it! I know what I want my wish to be.

Minion Man Maid: Plenty of hair?

Alba: A large family to call your own?

Tabitha: A life free from the aliens from the planet Borax?

Kermit: Nope. You are all wrong. I want to be...

Kermit:... an amphibious pirate.

Bittern: Is he serious?

Budgie: Gee honey, that's...erm...nice.

And just to prove to you all that I'm not kidding, here is a picture to prove it - fins and all. I did let him keep the fins for his swimsuit outfit because I'm nice like that.

Kermit added Childish to his other traits of slob, loner, photographer's eye, and computer whiz. His lifetime wish is to be a Chess Legend. Yeah, I don't get it either.

Immediately after they both transitioned, I caught them doing this.

*smoochie noises*

Budgie: Isn't it wonderful? We're both adults now! We can do anything we want!

Kermit: Don't I know it!

Doesn't the expression on his face tell you the sort of things he's thinking about? Also, glitchy hair is glitchy!

Budgie: No hold on one minute there. Before there is to be any plundering of my booty, we've got something else to take care of first.

Kermit: Oh really?

Kermit: What are you doing on the floor, Budgie? Are we about to play twister?

Budgie: No! According to the laws of the Chicken Sensei, we should at least be engaged first. So Kermit, will you do me the honors of becoming my husband?

Kermit: Oh my Plumbob! Is that...? It can't be!

Kermit: It is! It's the limited edition Corbin Boudreaux Fan Club Secret Decoder Ring I saw on sbay! How did you...?

Budgie: I saw you drooling all over it, so I made sure I got it for you. Gargantua almost outbid me for it, but I enlisted the help of Aunt Akepa and shorted out her internet for a few hours. I thought it would be the most perfect engagement ring ever.

Kermit: You were absolutely right! Of course I'll marry you. This is the simply the best day of my life!

Budgie: Me too, Kermit. Me too.

Kermit: For our wedding cake, I think we should have bubblegum flavored. We could even put small gumballs in the batter and then our guests would have both cake AND gum!

Budgie: Maybe we should -?

Kermit: And for the pictures, I know we have to some regular ones cause if we didn't your Dad would freak out, but maybe we could also take some funny ones! I think it would be really cool to take a series of photos with us all in pirate costumes!

Budgie: Mmm hmm. Well that sounds...

Kermit: And THEN after the wedding we could hold a business meeting of the Corbin Boudreaux fan club since he is sure to be attending!

Budgie: Hoo boy.

Bittern: Very nice! Topiary, I dub thee Pengy!

Uni: What up, bird?

Pengy: Not much, dude. Is there any action here on this corner?

Uni: Not a single bit.

Pengy: Bummer.

Chick: My last potion was not sufficient to release Camilla from her curse. Uncle Buzz says that science is about trial and error, so maybe this one will work...

Camilla still hasn't aged up, even though we got the pop up that said she wanted to come out of the inventory and look around. Bad Miss Piggy!

Janna: What do you think, little one? Does Mama have crow's feet already?

Crane: Crane sees no Crow.

Poor thing. Janna might give her a complex before she ever becomes a teenager.

Kermit: You don't like my idea of having a bouncy castle at our wedding reception?

Budgie: Not really. I think we need to discuss the wedding plans further, sweetheart.

Kermit: Hey guys! Wait up! I wasn't really serious when I said everyone at the wedding should face paint! Wait up!

Unfortunately, the family was already too far away to hear his pleas, and so Kermit jogged his way to his graduation ceremony.

Sim!Jfed: Well, I see I'm here at city hall. One of my sprogs must be graduating today, or something.

The family of Sim!Sarah is much more focused than the family of Sim!Jfed I think.

Sarah: Alright, we're here. Keep your eyes out for potentially available Byrds.

Otis Kehrer also graduates today. The youngster he is carrying is named Delvin.

Beth Ann: Kermit is over there, Mom, and he looks pretty tasty.

Sarah: You bungled your chance, daughter, when you failed to snag Bittern. Such a disappointment.

Beth Ann: Geez, Mom. Give it a rest already.

Janna: It's alright little Crane. So what if they forgot about us and just drove off after we got into our formal wear. We can have fun all by ourselves. And what's more, we didn't want to watch Budgie or Kermit graduate today. *sniffle*

Crane: *sniffle*

I didn't notice till later that Kermit wasn't the only one that didn't make it to the Chicken Mobile in time to attend the graduation. Oops.

Enough with the tears! We've got to hurry or else we won't make it ourselves.

Beth: Congrats you guys!

Budgie was the class valedictorian and Kermit was voted most likely to hack into the military facility. Should I be proud?

Sim!Rob: Oh my Plumbob! BJ Byrd! He's standing just over there! I LOVE HIM!

Chick: That man over there is scaring me, Grandma.

Tabitha: Just ignore him, sweetie. I don't think he's dangerous.

Ah! And here come Noah Federata - Sim!Jfed's son. Congrats!

Bittern: Dad, I am so happy for Jfed that I just want to give her a punch in the kidneys!

Alba: A nice idea son, but it looks like she might be busy.

Jfed: Geobe.

Geobe: Jess.

Noah: Oh no! Are they are about to fight?

There is no love lost between these two...not since a vampire incident awhile back.

Jfed: I've still got the scar over my heart you gave me.

Geobe: Let it be a lesson to you. Don't consort with the dark side or else I will come for you.

Before everyone had left to go to the graduation, Chick had slipped her latest potion to Camilla.

Camilla: Oh! I feel strange...

Camilla: Could this really be it? Am I finally free of Miss Piggy's evil influence?

Camilla: It's true! I AM free! My magic once again flows fully through my veins.

Chick: Camilla! It worked!

Camilla: Indubitably! We should take a photo of this moment for it serves as proof positive that good triumphs over evil!

Chick: And Chicken triumphs over Pig!

And there was much rejoicing.

While folks were sleeping I cruised through the neighborhood and saw this. Blackbird! It is past curfew! Why aren't you inside the house?

Blackbird: Daddy won't let me go inside yet.

Brady, why are you keeping your daughter outside in the middle of the night?

Brady: She needs to stay within my sight while this suspicious character is prowling about.

Suspicious character?

Pilot Inspektor! What are you doing here in the middle of the night?

Pilot: Peeping in windows. I wonder why I can't see anyone?

Possibly because they are standing behind you, and you don't have eyes in the back of your head.

On that note of stupidity, we'll close this chapter. Join us next time when we hopefully have some weddings and move some people out of the house! And maybe, just maybe, BJ will inch even closer to the longest LTW in history. Until then, Happy Simming!

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