Welcome back to the Byrds! Last time the Byrds got settled into Moonlight Falls, Beth turned into a vampire, and the family won't stay out of the pool or the kitchen. Marvin Suggs was made real, and the attempt to have a wedding for Budgie and Kermit ended in disaster.

And we are starting this chapter the same way we ended the last one, with a picture of my handsome son, Monte. If anyone wants to download him, let me know. Now, say something to the readers, dear.

Monte: How you doin'?

Welcome to Kermit and Budgie's wedding...attempt number 2. They haven't been on location for five minutes and drama is already brewing.

Tristan Van Gould: Please accept these flowers, Chickadee, as a token of my esteem. They are pure white, representing the purity we all attain in death.

BJ: Is a vampire flirting with my daughter?

Chick: Thank you, Tristan. They're lovely.

Tristan: I've been staring at the back of your head in class all school year. I'm pleased to discover that the front of your head is just as lovely. The veins in your neck are particularly delightful.

BJ: I demand that you keep enough distance between you that I can shove my arm in the middle and it moves quite freely.

Chick: Ignore my Dad. I find the veins in your forehead to be just as appealing.

Budgie: A vampire?! Flirting with my niece?! At my wedding?! DO NOT WANT!

Alba: I agree. This is most unsettling. Whatever will the Stormcallers think?

Camilla: Don't worry, family. I'll handle this.

Camilla: You are clearly brainless, Numbnuts. You think you have a chance with the Byrd heir? The Byrds are intricately tied to the Stormcallers, which means you, as an undead leech haven't got a snowball's chance in summer!

Camilla: And you are nuttier than a squirel turd if you think you can get past me. Step Off!

Tristan: Not a chance in hell, Pork-for-brains! And if you try to stand in my way, I'll drain you dry.

Camilla: You're welcome to try it, Parasite.

Kermit: It sure is getting loud out there.

Budgie: Ignore it, darling. I am. Nothing is going to stop me from marrying you today, even if I have to drag the two of them out of the chapel myself.

Camilla: I've never had an enemy before. I like it. And I also placed a call. That mosquito will rue the day he challenged me.

Geobe: Stay firm, Camilla. I'm on the way.

Budgie: All this drama at my wedding is really starting to tick me off.

Kermit: You look really nice, Budgie. Even better than you did in the genie outfit. I still wanted to dress like a pirate, but Garg said this was classier.

Budgie: You look very handsome, Kermie. Garg does have a point. But don't worry, I'll let you dress up as a pirate for me later. *wink*

Garg: No dear, I haven't seen a vampire rush past. Now hurry up! I don't want to miss the ceremony.

On a side note, Garg is pregnant again. The Stormcallers are breeding....

Amanda: Hello everyone! I'm here. You may start the ceremony now.

Janna: No she can't! I've just gone into labor. Again!

Alba: Good job on giving me another grandchild.

BJ: Don't worry dear. I'll bring the car around.

Kermit: LOL! Janna just went into labor. At our wedding!

Budgie: Yes dear, I know. I can hear her screaming.

Budgie: But let's ignore all that and just get married. I'm afraid that if we wait much longer, something else will go wrong.

Kermit: I can get with that. Budgie, I pledge to stay with you until Grim comes, and I promise we will have lots of fun. We will go everywhere and do everything, and I'll be the Captain of our Funship and you will be my sexy pirate wench.

Budgie: As long as I am your ONLY pirate wench, then Kermie, I can be happy with that.

*insert smoochie noises here*

Garg: *sniffle* It's so beautiful.

Aki: Stop yer blubbering, woman.

Corbin: Geobe, dude, your wife is out to here.

Geobe: Believe me. I know.

How rude!

Buzz: Awesome! Kermit and Budgie are going to get some action, now. *makes inappropriate fist gesture*

Garg: Sweetheart? I think the hormones are causing me to hallucinate. Did Buzz just do something crass?

Geobe: It isn't your hormones, honey.

Garg: Who are you and what have you done with Buzz?

Amanda: Come on, Garg. You think that's bad? At least he didn't do it with both hands. *makes inappropriate fist gesture with both hands*

Camilla: Oh, I see. You make the motion like this! *gestures inappropriately* Awesome!

Camilla: *evil laugh* My mastery of rude gestures will surely get Corbin's attention!

Tabitha: Be careful, Camilla. The attention you get might not be the attention you want.

Thank you EVER so much, Amanda, for teaching Camilla a rude gesture. Appreciate it. Really.

While Kermit and Budgie were getting hitched and Buzz was contributing to the corruption of youth, Janna and BJ were having a baby. Everyone meet Crow. He loves the heat and is a heavy sleeper.

Please, oh please, let this be the last of generation 'C'. No more baby wants!

And no sooner did I say, 'NO MOAR BABIES' than I heard the baby jingle. Budgie is pregnant - on the first try. Well, there is only one solution for this.

Git along little doggies! You are moving out!

Budgie: Kermie? Does standing out here on the sidewalk in your underwear give you any ideas?

Kermit: Let's go plunder some booty.

Minion Gnome: I'm sure that if I stretch a little farther, I'll be able to use my cane to pull me up to the counter. And then...ICE CREAM!

Even the gnomes are helpless to resist the pull of the ice cream machine.

Everyone wave at Barbet Byrd. Give him your best good will and cheer because he just married Sim!Cait!

It was at this point that I decided to add in the Byrd dogs. Whiskey is on the left and Beardly is on the right. Both are miniature schnauzers. Please do not mistake Whiskey for a Scottie, as that tends to make her touchy.

In truth, though, I had a personal reason to add these two to the household. On April 17th, hubs and I had to put down our friend and companion of 16 years, Beardly. I miss him terribly, but this picture says a lot about the real him. He might have been small, but in his mind he was much larger, and acted like it.

Here is Real!Beardly. We had good times and bad times together, but he was always my punkin. This is one of my favorite pictures because it shows him true to life...with his mouth open.

I've decided that once I get some puppies, Beardly and Whiskey will move in with Garg and Geobe, and become Eternals. As it should be. To have Beardly die again will just be too much to handle, I think.

Minion Man Maid: Wow! Who knew the Handler had a heart?

Brad: I knew it all the time. She's my Sis, after all.

Camilla: That story was so touching, it even sparked a tiny bit of sympathy in my cold, evil heart. *pauses a moment* Ok, yeah. It's gone now. Must have been gas. We can continue.

Cole: That's good. I want some cake!

Crane: Dad! Don't blow so hard. You just farted in our faces!

Marvin: Hehe. Farts are funny.

And the inappropriateness continues...

Janna: No, no, Chickadee. You have to curl your hands more into a fist and keep them closer to your lower abdomen. See? Like this.

Chick: I see!

And here we have little Crow. I added the black highlights to his hair because it struck me as appropriate.

Cole: Hehe. Photobomb! With my butt!

Janna: That's not very nice Grandma Cole.

Janna: How am I supposed to teach Cole to smile when there are only butts as far as the eye can see?

Good question. Let him learn from Marvin Suggs. A former IF that thinks farts are funny, no doubt find butts funny as well.

Beardly: Zzzzz Peace and Chicken Grease zzzzz.

Such a good dog. If he were still with me, I'd cook him some chicken as a reward. That's Crane's bed he's sleeping in front of, by the way. He has formed quite an attachment with her.

Queeqx: Intel has been collected. Must run away before detection.

My first ever alien visitation! I'm sure he's a representative of Borax. I heard some strange noise, but didn't realize it was an alien until he was already running away. Dang it. They better come for a second visit.

Janna: Hmm. Standing in the baby's room, smelling the baby stink, seeing the baby toys, it gets me thinking...

Yeah. I know exactly what you're thinking. And the answer is no. NO MOAR. You'll just have to wait until you have grandkids to nurture.

Fair warning. The Simpletons are in the hood.

Sim!Zeri: What the hell are we doing here, Omri?

Sim!Omri: I got word there was a SimFest starting soon...

Omri: But I don't see anyone up there performing, do you?

Sim!Lisa: *chuckles* Little do they know that I sent out the notice. There is no SimFest. I just needed help keeping watch.

Watch? Watch for what?

Lisa: For the Doctor to come out, of course.

I haven't seen the Doctor yet, but nine times out of ten, some of the Simpletons are around the corner from this mysterious blue box...waiting. Kinda makes me hope they're right.

Chick: Oh my dearest Tristan, how I simply adore your pasty complexion and the way you steam gently in the sunshine. We are truly meant to be together.

Chick has it bad for this guy. And he's not even all that attractive.

Camilla on the other hand...

Camilla: If he lays so much as a finger on her, I'll...

Camilla: Yeah, I'll make him cry, and he'll look just as pathetic as that picture.

As you no doubt guessed, the Byrds are hanging at the Fall festival today. This is Sim!Cait Styx-Byrd. Why are you crying? You don't even know these people.

Cait: It's just so sad. I'm sure they died without knowing the joy that comes from Peace and Chicken Grease. My heart just aches for them.

Well, if the smile on that ghost in the window is any indication of how they feel about it, then your tears are wasted. *smirk*

So the main reason we went was to get some pumpkins to carve. In the Sims it seems to be a lot less messy than I remember it.

Chick: Maybe, but the innards are still just as disgusting.

Camilla: *evil laugh* I know. It feels like guts.

So let's compare, shall we? Here we have Chick's pumpkin, nice and traditional.

And here is Camilla's.

Evil Jack: I'm going to eat your hand, nom nom nom.

Zeri: Hey Omri, how long do we have to wait for this SimFest to start? We're the only ones here.

Omri: I'm not sure. Lisa said to keep an eye on that blue box over there because that's where the performers are. It will start when they come out.

Tabitha: Alrighty then. The manual says that to fix the computer I just have to shove this screwdriver in the hole.

Marvin: What are the chances that your Grandma will get shocked? Electrocution is a good thing for comedy. We did it all the time on the Muppet Show.

Crane: She'll be fine, but what the heck is this Muppet Show you keep talking about?

It's true. No electrocution.

Cruising around the 'hood, I found Bullfinch trying to decide if she likes this fellow.

Bullfinch: I appreciate the fact that you are male, and the only male to ever flirt with me ever, but for some reason, I can't stop staring...

Bullfinch: ...at your nose.

Chester Swain: It don't bother me none. I'm used to it.

That's when I noticed the staff all crowded behind the bar, being creepers.

Minion Barmaid #1: Ooo, I hope things get romantic. We haven't had any romance to spy on in this place in ages.

Minion Barkeep: Do you think they would appreciate it if I painted them a picture of this special moment.

Minion Barmaid #2: He totally should have brought her flowers. It always works with flowers.

Minion Frankenbarmaid: OK folks, we'll hide behind the bar for a few more minutes. I have to admit, watching them is much more fun than doing any work.

And so, while the staff continues to oogle, we will close this chapter. I'm not sure when the next chapter will be available because I am getting a new computer. My current desktop is huge (we named it the Behemoth) and was top of the line 6 years ago, but these days it can't keep up with the Byrds. The lag is almost to the point of making the game unplayable. Hubby says that if this new computer (which I will call the Leviathan) can't handle the sims, then we might be packing up the games and sending them back to EA with a strongly worded note because it will mean that there isn't a computer system around that can handle the game flawlessly. Flawless? Don't make me laugh. This is EA we're talking about. OF COURSE, there will be glitches. I'll be happy with reduced lag. So keep your fingers crossed.

Now, will Chickadee and Tristan find true love? Or will Camilla stake him when Chick isn't looking? Will the Simpletons ever find the Doctor? And will Omri and Zeri finally decide to go home? And can the Handler prevent another C heir? Join me next time when we might or might not find out (whenever that might be)! Until then, Happy Simming!

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