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Gargantua Stormcaller is a 40-something person who is utterly convinced she is much taller than she looks! Living deep within the southern United States, she speaks slowly, with a drawl, and wishes fervently she could live life just as slowly.

She has many interests that span everything from atoms to zebras, and often finds herself disappointed she does not have enough time to pursue them all. Garg loves to read and write, and is currently writing both a novel and fanfiction. She loves books, movies (good and bad), and television, as well as discussing and dissecting them with like-minded individuals afterwards. In truth, she is bewitched by any form of storytelling, and aspires to be a good storyteller herself one day.

When she is not involved in her first pastime, she is usually engaged in her second: gaming. Garg plays a variety of games including role-playing and strategy games, online massively multiplayer games, card and board games, and other small amusing games she discovers while surfing on the internet instead of being productive.


The purpose of Lucent Dusk is to preserve well-written fanfics that catch the fancy and imagination of the webmistress, and are complete. The webmistress knows well the frustration of finding an excellent fic only to discover it has not been completed, and likely never will be. She hopes to minimize that frustration for other readers of fanfiction. The final decision regarding which fics will and will not be featured here is at the sole discretion of Gargantua Stormcaller. She is, however, always open to fic recommendations.

The webmistress has made every attempt to ensure that the information contained in each author profile is correct. If any author wishes changes to be made to his or her profile, please let her know. Additionally, archiving of any featured completed fic is available at Lucent Dusk under certain conditions. Any author interested in archiving should contact Gargantua.

All fics featured on this site (save for those on the watch list) have an associated rating. Gargantua asks that all readers pay attention to the rating for she will not be responsible for people getting unwanted eyefuls. Any complaints on that regard will be expedited to the incinerator.

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